Every toddler is unique

Your toddler will form a caring, loving relationship with their primary caregiver and receive care that is responsive to their individual differences.

Toddlers flourish when they are free to explore and when they feel that encouragement from a caring adult they take pleasure in their emerging interest and skills.

With the continuity between the home and school setting your toddler sense of belonging and ability to understand their world Will grow. Toddlers are exposed to different music, musical instruments, books and exercises while working on developmental milestones.


Cognitive Development

Toddlers are naturally curious about the places, people, and objects, that surround them. We provide a safe space for them to explore those curiosities while also encouraging and maintaining a nurturing relationship with them. Using a variety of practices, toys, and activities, we help toddlers expand their cognitive functions.

Speech and Language Development

Speech and language develop rapidly throughout early childhood. We aid your child in their development by modeling good speech in everyday conversation, repeating words and phrases, using new words, and using bilingual language (Spanish and English) throughout the day.

Fine Motor Development

Developing toddlers fine motor skills are essential to their future success in school. We work on developing those skills through art, literacy, and manipulative play.

Social and Emotional Development

At this age, toddlers look at those around them to learn. To help them develop their social-emotional skills, our teachers model healthy behaviors, respond to other’s emotions, and plan activities that promote positive interactions between the children.

Gross Motor Development 

Toddlers are learning how their bodies move. Developing their gross motor skills is an important step for their other developmental areas. To improve their gross motor skills and prepare them for the next stage of development, our teachers use a variety of movement activities daily.

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